Annual Reports

Annual Reports


2016 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

2011 Annual Report

2010 Annual Report

2009 Annual Report

Park County Middle Fork Mines Water Quality Reports – 2018 Sampling

Report to Park County Commissioners 2-12-2019
Report to Stakeholders on Literature Summary 2-12-2019


Waldo Canyon Fire Watershed Assessment of River Stability and Sediment Supply

Waldo Canyon Fire

Waldo Fire Final Report/ Lessons Learned

Waldo Canyon FireWatershed Assessment: The WARSSS Results

Appendix A: The WRENSS Water Yield Model

Appendix B: Stream Classification & Valley Types

Appendix C: The Representative & Reference Reaches

Appendix D: Watershed Summaries

The Waldo Canyon Fire Restoration Master Plan

Stream Types & Conditions Map

Cumulative Sediment Sources 2013 Map

Change in Water Yield & Bank Erosion Rates Map

Channel Treatment for Top Sediment Producing Watersheds Map

Proposed Restoration Maps

Post-Fire Watershed Assessment: The Waldo Canyon Fire, Colorado Presentation 

Horse Creek & Trail Creek

Stream road erosion beforeHorse Creek Watershed Assessment

Trail Creek Master Plan

Trail Creek Master Plan Maps

Trail Creek Final Report

Horse Creek Final WARSSS assessment

Water Quality Monitoring & Assessments

Water Quality

South Platte River Baseline Study 2018

South Park Groundwater Quality Scoping Study 2013

2011 Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring Project: Baseline Monitoring to Address Oil and Gas Development in South Park

Mine Assessment Project: Report on Surface and Mine Water Sampling and Monitoring in the Upper South Platte Watershed, Park County, Colorado

2012 Report Addendum: Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring Project

USGS Monitoring-Well Installation, Slug Testing, and Groundwater Quality for Selected Sites in South Park, Park County, CO, 2013

2013_11 mile Sampling Report

CGS – Geology and Groundwater Resources of Park County 2015
CGS Story Map

 Sportsmen’s Paradise & Happy Meadows River Restoration

Happy MeadowsSportsmen’s Paradise & Happy Meadows Roads To Rivers  Assessment_Final

South Platte River Sportsmen’s Paradise & Happy Meadows River Assessment & Restoration Plan

South Platte River Restoration Project: Happy Meadows & Sportsmen’s Paradise Final Report

2015 Roads to Rivers Final Assessment: Eleven Mile, Happy Meadows, Sportsmen’s Paradise

More Reports


Sugar Creek Sediment Mitigation Project

Benefits of Forest Restoration Literature Review

Phoenix Guide: Wildland Fire Recovery

Wildfire Restoration Handbook

2015 Thirtynine Mile Beaver Wetland Report

South Park Master Leasing Stakeholders Workshop

Landis Ranch Habitat Plan

2015 Roads To Rivers Assessment – Eleven Mile – Happy Meadows – Sportsmens – Final

Local Capacity for Integrated Forest and Wildfire Management





Mushroom Study


Mushroom Study Page