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The 1,662,580-acre (2,600 square mile) Upper South Platte Watershed is located in central Colorado, reaching from the Continental Divide to the Front Range.   Elevation in the watershed varies from about 6,000 feet to over 14,000 feet above sea level.

The watershed is a critical water source.  Drinking water for the majority of Colorado residents originates in the Upper South Platte Watershed or flows through it via transmountain diversions.  Water supplies for the Denver Metro area, Aurora, and Centennial are all fed by the watershed.  

Over 1 million acres of public land, miles of gold medal fishing streams, 5 major reservoirs, and acres of habitat for rare and prized wildlife also make the watershed a recreational destination with countless opportunities to enjoy the splendor of nature in our backyard.

CUSP works throughout the Upper South Platte Watershed to ensure the values in the watershed are protected for generations to come.  Learn more about our impact.