Wildfire is part of our ecosystem.  CUSP works with communities to proactively prepare and adapt to wildfire, and when a fire inevitably strikes, we are there to assist with suppression.  Certified wildland firefighters on our crew make up our Wildfire Suppression Team.  The mission of this specialized team is to protect water quality, economic, ecological, and community values of the Upper South Platte Watershed through fuels mitigation, pile burning, and wildfire suppression activities, with emphasis placed on the safety of the watershed community and of our wildland firefighters.  In addition to working with other fire crews in the region on suppression when wildfires threaten communities and critical watersheds, we also use essential tools like prescribed fire to proactively reduce the risk of high severity wildfires.  Learn more in the Wildfire Suppression Team brochure.

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Meet our fire crew:

All crew members are National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) certified firefighters.

Pile burning and prescribed fire are important tools for forest management in our fire-adapted ecosystem.  This graphic from The Nature Conservancy explains the basics of a controlled burn.