The Colorado Source Water Assessment and Protection (SWAP) program is designed to provide municipal water providers and public consumers with information about drinking water, as well as providing a way for water providers and community members to get involved in protecting the quality of their drinking water.  The program encourages community-based protection and preventive management strategies to ensure that all public drinking water resources are kept safe from future contamination.

CUSP is serving as the facilitator for a SWAP planning project for our watershed, which is being convened by Denver Water, and funded with support from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment.  This page is designed to share information with stakeholders regarding the plan and process.

Topic Areas

On-Site Wastewater Treatment
Phase 1_OSWT[/restab]

[restab title=”Agriculture”]

Phase 1 Agriculture
Small Acreage Management for Horse Owners
Water Quality
Noxious Weed Control
Controlled Grazing
Grazing Principles

[restab title=”Oil, Gas & Minerals”]

COGA presentation
Fluid Mineral BMPs
Baseline Water Quality Survey
South Park Scoping Study

[restab title=”Transportation”]

Sediment and Spill Control on Highways
Unpaved Roads and Trails

[restab title=”Forest Health” ]

SWAP Presentation 2014

Silviculture Practices & Implimentation

[restab title=”Uranium and Mine Drainage”]

Abandoned Mine Reclamation

Mine Rcelaimation BMP’s

Uranium Fact Sheet

Mining In The Upper South Platte Watershed

Colorado Uranium Deposits

Abandoned Mines and Naturally Occurring Acid Rock Drainage on National Forest System Lands in Colorado


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