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Colorado Wildland Fire Conference- September 2018

CO Wildfire Conference Promotion flyer

Colorado Wildland Fire Conference 

September 18-20, 2018

People, Places, and Perceptions – Wildfire and the Human Condition


The Lodge at Mountaineer Square,
620 Gothic Road,
Mt. Crested Butte, CO

About the conference:

This year’s conference will provide an in-depth exploration of how human dimensions affect community adaptation to wildfire. We’ll examine why people adopt or reject best practices, how we understand risk, and how we collectively perceive notions about wildfire. The conference will offer a suite of learning opportunities including – keynote speakers, networking events and workshops, panel discussions, break-out sessions, and social gatherings.


SCHOLARSHIPS now available!  Fire Adapted Colorado is offering a limited number of scholarships to cover registration. Find out more and apply HEREDue August 6th.

COST: Early registration = $295;  Early Registration ENDS August 31st. FACO Member registration = $245; Late registration = $350.  Register HERE.

LODGING: Special rates for conference attendees at various area hotels, click HERE for more info. We recommend you CALL to reserve your room! Call BEFORE August 18th for the special conference rate.

DINNER AND LIVE MUSIC: Featuring the band Hardscrabble at the Ten Peaks venue above Crested Butte, September 19, 2018

LOOKING FOR MORE? See this video about places to go and things to do in Crested Butte!

See you there in September!!

CUSP is hiring

WUI Mitigation Specialist

CUSP and COCO, Inc have an opening for a self-starter committed to reducing wildfire risk within the Upper Arkansas river basin.  The position will be based out of the Salida Colorado State Forest Service Office and will work within the Upper Arkansas Basin on forest Health and wildfire risk reduction Initiatives.  We are looking for an amazing, independent self-starter that can help to build a collaborative mitigation program from Leadville to Salida.  The employee will report directly to COCO leadership.

Click on the link to learn more: WUI Mitigation Specialist Job Description

Post-Fire Recovery Information


  July 11, 2018



After a catastrophic wildfire, quick action must be taken to minimize social, environmental, and economic devastation. Given enough time, forests eventually heal from wildfire, but that healing process can take decades or even centuries. The landscape won’t heal quickly without human intervention. Timely rehabilitation efforts can reduce the environmental impacts of fire, and can have a positive impact on the community’s social and economic situation in the months and years after the fire.

Perhaps most importantly, quick and effective rehabilitation efforts improve public health and safety.

Information regarding post-fire recovery and restoration is available

The page provides website links containing valuable information. We hope it will prove useful in helping our community to develop plans and priorities to protect citizens, homes, and essential infrastructure.

Fire Mitigation Alert


July 2, 2018 


Contact:          Jane Mannon






 Lake George, CO, July 2, 2018 – Area fires highlight need for property owners to act to reduce wildfire risk on their property and neighborhoods. Although the majority of the area is outside the immediate risk area from the local fires, the dry fuels created by the prolonged area drought present an extreme wildfire hazard. The Coalition for the Upper South Platte requests that property owners and residents take specific fire mitigation action focused on the home and working outward.

The following steps can help with the impact of wildfire:

  •      Assure address signs are visible from the end of the driveway, at night and in smoke,
  •      Clean leaves, twigs, and other debris from roofs and gutters,
  •      Rake and remove flammable mulch within 10 feet of the structure,
  •      Trim branches that overhang the home,
  •      Trim trees 10 feet from ground level within 30 feet of a residence,
  •      Mow and water lawns,
  •      Remove vegetation and other combustible materials from around propane tanks,
  •      Move firewood to at least 100 feet from the structure,
  •      Identify and mark water sources (cisterns, streams, pools),
  •      Enclose vents and soffits with 1/18” metal screen or cover with aluminum foil and duct tape,
  •      Enclose areas under decks, steps, and patios,
  •      Remove flammable items from the yard (lawn furniture, lawn mowers, gas cans, etc),
  •      Contact neighbors to plan cooperative mitigation efforts on shared boundaries.

Risk reduction actions you complete now could save your home or life in the case of a wildfire. This just-in-time mitigation will improve your home’s chances of survival, reduce potential damage, and provide a safer environment for fire fighters.


The Coalition for the Upper South Platte is available to assist you if you have any questions.  To learn more please contact CUSP @ 719-748-0033.