Environmental Literacy – the capacity to perceive and interpret the relative health of environmental systems and to take appropriate action to maintain, restore or improve the health of those systems.  An environmentally literate person is the ultimate goal of environmental education. Victorian Association for Environmental Education



Education is the common thread that runs through everything we do.  We are continually striving to inspire stewardship and learn how to best work with nature to improve watershed health.  

This commitment to learning and sharing knowledge drives our environmental education work.  We foster environmental literacy and stewardship through:

  • Environmental Education and Service-Learning Program:  This program combines quantifiable learning objectives with on-the-ground service projects that address critical environmental needs.  Environmental education modules complete with lesson plans, learning materials, and assessments are available for elementary, middle, and high school students for a variety of topics at no charge.  Service learning projects in the Upper South Platte Watershed compliment the lessons learned in the classroom and provide students the opportunity to apply what they are learning while engaging in meaningful service in their community.  The program is designed to meet Colorado state standards with a focus on 21st century learning skills.  Explore the education modules and sign up for a service-learning project at learn.uppersouthplatte.org  
  • Volunteer Projects:  Every volunteer project is a learning experience.  When you come out to volunteer, you will learn about the importance of the project you are working on and how your efforts contribute to the broader goal of watershed health, now and for future generations.  The varied expertise and experiences of our volunteers also provide a great opportunity for exchanging ideas and learning.  We host thousands of volunteers each year working on a variety of projects that promote watershed health.  Sign up to volunteer to learn new skills, gain knowledge, and make an impact! 
  • Internships: We need a variety of expertise to promote watershed health.  If you would like to gain skills and make a difference by interning with CUSP, please visit our internship page and use the form to send your resume and a cover letter describing your interests.


If you value environmental education, support these programs today by learning more about watershed issues, volunteering, and supporting programming with your donation.