Q: How much will it cost me to have chipping done on my property by CUSP?

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A: Talk to your friends and neighbors about volunteering to help bring slash to the chipper. If you are signing up as an HOA or a neighborhood, there must be at least 4 or half as many volunteers as there are properties, whichever is greater. If you are signing up an individual property, there must be at least 3 volunteers present. Volunteers must be capable of following safety instructions and hauling and loading slash. If these volunteer requirements are not met, increased rates will apply:

Day of the week scheduled With volunteer involvement Without volunteer involvement
Mon.-Thurs. $95.00/hr $150.00/hr
Friday or Saturday $110.00/hr $175.00/hr


Organizing volunteers from your community or HOA will help to protect the community at large and having many hands makes light work.

Donations are very important for the future of this program and are tax deductible. CUSP appreciates any additional help you may be able to provide.

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