Q: How important is stacking my materials properly?

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A: Piles must be stacked correctly – improperly stacked material is an important safety issue, the difficulty of pulling the material apart from an improperly stacked pile is exhausting, often times requires significant force to loosen and can cause people to fall or accidentally loose a piece into another crew member as they are pulling to get material out.  Correctly stacked material protects volunteers and crew members, saves time and therefore saves you money.

See the photos in the brochure

This is especially important for HOAs:  Because we are attempting to complete multiple properties within a day and must stay within our time limits, if your property has improperly stacked material we will likely skip it out of fairness to those that have properly stacked materials.


If not stacked properly, CUSP’s crew may not be able to chip on your scheduled date, and it may be necessary to reschedule chipping until after the piles can be re-stacked.


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