“A river is the report card for its watershed.” – Alan Levere 


A majority of Colorado’s drinking water flows through the Upper South Platte Watershed, and countless residents and visitors enjoy the recreational opportunities and beauty of the watershed’s rivers, streams, and reservoirs.  High quality water is essential for ecological health, sustainable drinking water sources, and recreation opportunities.    

Managing the watershed’s resources in a thoughtful and collaborative way is imperative for ensuring you have a secure and clean water supply now and in the future.  CUSP embraces this approach through:

  • Working with partners to assess & proactively address sources of pollution 
  • Monitoring surface water & groundwater quality to understand impacts
  • Assessing & reclaiming mines
  • Controlling erosion
  • Restoring rivers & streams 


It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to protect our critical water sources.  You can protect your water today by learning more below, volunteering, and donating

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