• Working Partners

    CUSP works with a diverse range of partners to provide essential services such as project planning, implementation, and monitoring within the watershed. We believe in working closely with stakeholders large and small, supporting our local communities and economies with our work, fostering stewardship of the land and water, working with nature, and sharing knowledge and skills with all of our partners to promote and sustain high quality water sources and ecological health.


    Colorado State Forest ServiceThe Colorado State Forest Service provides for the stewardship of forest resources within the state. Their mission is to reduce the risks to life, property, and the enviroment for the benefit of present and future generations of Coloradans. They partner with CUSP on many varied projects that encompass forest, watershed and land stewardship issues.   csfs.colostate.edu



    TNational Forest Foundationhe National Forest Foundation is a non-profit group that was created by Congress to work directly with the USFS. Currently, CUSP is working with them as part of their Revitalize Our Forests campaign. We are working together in Horse Creek to rejuvenate the streams’ ecosystem and repair damage from the Hayman fire of 2002. www.nationalforests.org




    Colorado Parks and Wildlife manages the state’s 960 wildlife species. It regulates hunting and fishing activties by issuing licenses and enforcing regulations. They partner with CUSP on various projects and share our values of protection for all species of wildlife.  cpw.state.co.us



    Colorado Watershed Assembly
    The Colorado Watershed Assembly is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit advocate for watershed organizations around the state and citizen involvement in the collaborative decision making process. www.coloradowater.org






    Florissant Fire Protection District is a volunteer fire and rescue department that works closely with CUSP. They are the ‘home’ of our Fire Suppression Team.  www.florissantfire.com



    Natural Resources Conservation ServiceThe Natural Resources Conservation Service is a division of the USDA. These valuable partners aid in many ways, most notably with our weed eradication projects.  www.nrcs.usda.gov




    The Colorado Dept. of Natural Resources oversees all of Colorado’s many Natural treasres- from water to minerals to wildlife. An important partner, they oversee Fire Mitigation funding as well as supplying guidance and support.  dnr.state.co.us




    The town of  Manitou Springs was hit by terrible flooding following the Waldo Canyon Fire. CUSP has worked hand in hand with them in both flood mitigation and recovery.   www.manitouspringsgov.com





    The City of Colorado Springs is a member of the Waldo Canyon Fire Recovery group and a strong partner with whom CUSP works on Waldo Canyon Fire recovery and mitigation projects.   www.springsgov.com



    Much of Green Mountain Falls sits in a flood plain, putting it at great risk for post fire flood impacts. The  town is working  closely with CUSP to mitigate potential future flood issues.    www.greenmountainfalls.org




    MHYCMile High Youth Corps is a very special organization. They help instill a true sense of leadership and responsibility in their charges. We work closely with them to further both of our goals.  www.milehighyouthcorps.org




    An important partner,  El Paso County is part of the Waldo Canyon Fire Recovery Group with whom CUSP work closely on both recovery and mitigation projects.   www.elpasoco.com





    The folks at Rocky Mountain Field Institute (RMFI) are close allies with CUSP. We share techniques, expertise, and a singular passion for our missions.  www.rmfi.org





    The Flying W Ranch and CUSP have become very close since the devastation of the Waldo Canyon Fire. CUSP has helped to mentor  Flying W and has helped them develop a robust volunteer program.  www.flyingw.com






    The South Park National Heritage Area works with CUSP in Alma and beyond.   www.southparkheritage.org




    Colorado Dept. of Corrections

    Colorado Dept. of Corrections works with CUSP by providing manpower for projects such as weed eradication. Not only does this help Colorado get a return value from the inmates, but it also gives them training in enviromental practices that could aid them when they re-enter the workforce.   www.doc.state.co.us




    The Colorado Dept. of Public Health & Environment , Coordinates vital public health matters. This includes, but is not limited to: the distribution of factual information to the citizens of the State.  www.colorado.gov/cdphe



    CSU extension
    CSU Extension has a mission to disseminate reliable, research based information to Coloradans. With expertise in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, water and more they are valuable partners not only to CUSP, but to every person in the state of Colorado.  www.ext.colostate.edu



    U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency
    The Environmental Protection Agency has a  mission is to protect human health and to safeguard the natural environment.  www.epa.gov







    Our neighbor,  The Mosquito Range Heritage Initiative, serves everyone with their mission of maintaining the natural environment  in their ‘neck of the woods’ .  www.mrhi.org



    Rising Sun 4X4 club


    The Rising Sun 4X4 club teams with CUSP on recreational issues, proving that fun and responsibility go hand in hand within the watershed.   www.risingsun4x4club.org






    The Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church has been a long-time partner of CUSP. Annually, they send mission groups to help us with projects and their invaluable volunteer work has translated into tens of thousands of dollars worth of in-kind match for Federal grants that fund our projects.  After the  2011 Joplin tornado, CUSP sent a crew to help them with their recovery efforts.  www.moumethodist.org


    The Front Range Round Table is a coalition of individuals from state and federal agencies, local governments, environmental and conservation organizations, the academic and scientific communities, and industry and user groups, all with a commitment to forest health and fire risk mitigation along Colorado’s Front Range.  www.frontrangeroundtable.org




  • Supporting Partners

    We are able to accomplish the work we do with the generous backing of these partners. From agencies and local governments, to businesses and foundations, we strategically leverage the funding they provide to maximize the value of their support. In the past three years, these partners have given $10,000 or more to support projects and programs.



    Toyota has been a great partner, they gave us the CUSP truck and continue to support our efforts with manning volunteer projects.  www.toyota.com






    The Cripple Creek & Victor Goldmine has provided funding and support to CUSP on a number of projects, events and matching grant initiatives .  Recently they helped us to fully outfit our wildland fire brush truck and funded training for our fire fighting crew. www.ccvgoldmining.com




    JHEFoundThe Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to enhancing the quality of life throughout Colorado’s Pikes Peak region. They provided a grant which helped us in Waldo Canyon Fire recovery work and this grant was well leveraged as well as providing important safety equipment and tools for staff and volunteers.  www.jhedmondson.org




    The Pikes Peak Community Foundation is a broad hilanthropic entity that runs many programs in the region. They have helped fund projects through their Waldo Canyon Fire fund and we park our trucks and equipment at their facility in Woodland Park: the Gordon Jackson foundation’s Aspen Valley Ranch.  www.ppcf.org




    City of Aurora


    The city of Aurora is a valuable partner, represented on our Board of Directors, that works with and funds numerous CUSP projects.   www.auroragov.org



    Colorado State Forest Service
    The Colorado State Forest Service provides for the stewardship of forest resources within the state. They partner with CUSP on many varied projects that encompass forest, watershed and land stewardship issues. csfs.colostate.edu



    Agilent Technologies has provided critical funding for Waldo Canyon Fire recovery efforts and this funding has been leveraged as match for Federal grants.      www.agilent.com





    The Colorado Dept. of Natural Resources oversees all of Colorado’s many Natural treasures- from water to minerals to wildlife. They have awarded CUSP the Wildfire Risk Reduction Grant, as well as providing funding via the Colorado Water Conservation Board.. dnr.state.co.us





    Colorado Springs Utilities is a major energy provider owned by the City and People of Colorado Springs. We partner on  significant fuels mitigation projects on CSU properties, many of which are located in the watershed. CSU is also represented on the CUSP Board of Directors.  www.csu.org






    The Park county Land & Water Trust Fund has aided in multiple projects from monitoring to restoration initiatives over the years, making them an important partner to CUSP.    www.parkco.us




    Denver Water


    Denver Water gets the majority of its water from the Upper South Platte Watershed. They work with CUSP on many projects and have been firm supporters of our mission and its goals as well as being a founding member represented on the CUSP Board of Directors. www.denverwater.org





    An important partner since the Waldo Canyon Fire, El Paso county works closely with CUSP on restoration and mitigation projects.   www.elpasoco.com




    Teller County


    Teller County and CUSP are significant partners in a number of major projects & programs, including the Woodland Park Healthy Forest Initiative www.wphfi.org, the Divide Slash Collection Site www.divideslashsite.com, TellerEnergy.com www.tellerenergy.com, and the development and implementation of regional Community Wildfire Protection Plans.  Teller County is represented on the CUSP board. www.co.teller.co.us.



    The Denver Foundation provided funding that was leveraged by CUSP for  the Waldo Canyon Fire Recovery Group on a range of related projects .  www.denverfoundation.org





    Hewlett Packard, Colorado Springs has provided vital, leveraged funding for Waldo Canyon Fire recovery efforts.  www.hp.com







    The South Platte Enhancement Board has been a strong supporter of CUSP programs and projects.  southplatte.org






    The Nature Conservancy, a strong CUSP partner works closely with us on a range of forest health programs. Most recently we have been working together on the development of the Pikes Peak Fire Learning Network.    www.nature.org





    The National Forest Foundation  has been a vital partner providing funding and opportunities for recovery efforts, especially in the Hayman Fire burn area.    www.nationalforests.org






    The Cutthroat Chapter of Trout Unlimited is our local group. They have given hundreds of hours of voluteerism, and thousands of dollars to aid CUSP with our mutually benificial projects.    cutthroatctu.org




    XcelXcel Energy is committed to supporting programs that protect the environment and the public. They have provided funding for our interactive environmental education and service learning programs.  www.xcelenergy.com




    FedEx has shown strong fiscal and volunteer support, especially in the Ute Pass Corridor. They send out employees to work with us nearly every year.   www.fedex.com


    NPFoundThe National Parks Foundation has provided funding for partnership programs with the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument to promote youth engagement in and exposure to the benefits of National Parks.  www.nationalparks.org




    The Watershed Research and Training Center has supported work critical to CUSP’s mission.   www.thewatershedcenter.com






    After the Waldo Canyon Fire, UBS Financial Services, Denver,  step up to the plate by providing  well leveraged  funding support.     financialservicesinc.ubs.com




  • We wish to match the energy of our volunteer base with project needs that you may have.  Think of this as a “wish list” of things you would like to see done in your neck of the woods. We cannot guarantee or promise that all projects will be scheduled, though we are happy to help where we can.  Opportunities to assist in the future often arise, or partners also willing to jump on board.  No project is too big or small and can range from creating or maintaining trails, to fire or flood mitigation projects as well as environmental education service learning projects.

    Partner Project Request Form