Members of CUSP’s certified wildland firefighter crew will be conducting pile burns on
private property near Woodland Park over the next several months. 250 slash piles left over
from wildfire mitigation projects will be burned to reduce the amount of fuels in the forest.
Please contact Jonathan Bruno (information below) if you would like to come to a burn site.
Cell reception in many of these locations in unreliable, so communication during a pile burn is
often not available. Pile burning typically starts at 10:00am, with ignitions completed by
2:00pm. All dates and schedules are dependent on weather. Pile burning sites are located in
areas not accessible by regular passenger vehicles. If you would like to join, you MUST
coordinate directly with Jonathan Bruno, prior to the scheduled burn day. Because burning is
dependent upon weather conditions, it is probable that a scheduled burn may not occur,
therefore, it is important for you to coordinate with CUSP staff.